Sunday, 30 January 2011

Downtown Harlesden - Various Suggestions! Please study and leave comments

Also link to the original Harlesden Public Realm Scheme discussion,
which lists 'Options A, B and C'.
Here below is effectively 'Option D'.

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There is currently a one-way system in Harlesden. Do you want it to stay? Do you want it modified? If so, how? 

Please leave your comments below!

There is no assumption that you want to change anything, but below is ONE idea.

It would make Craven Park Road south of the library, and also the lower half of Manor Park Road, TWO-WAY. There would be a one-way system (a 'gyratory') in the middle, using Crown Hill Road and Tavistock Road. 

What do you think of this? If you wanted this, how would you change the other roads?

Please leave your comments below!

One possibility then would be to make the High Street north of the clock ONE-WAY SOUTHBOUND, as shown below. Southbound 18, 260 and 266 buses would use this route. Lorry and van deliveries to the shops would be allowed, but all cars would be banned. 

What do you think of this? If you wanted this, how would you change the other roads?

The CROSSROADS outside The Royal Oak pub, bottom-right on the picture below, could be redesigned like the new Oxford Circus (shown right, and more fully if you follow the link.)

Please leave your comments below!

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The one-way street above could be modelled on
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  1. I like the one-way High Street, southbound only. It could be closed COMPLETELY for a special occasion in Harlesden, like a summer street fair!

    Maybe the southbound right-turn at the clock could be removed, to stop OTHER southbound traffic from using this as a short cut towards the County Court and Willesden Junction (when drivers saw that Manor Park Road was all jammed up).

    However that would mean all High Street delivery lorries would have to turn LEFT at the clock, on exit.

    Maybe 260 and 266 buses could still turn right at the clock, or they could use Manor Park Road instead. That might avoid ANY traffic lights at all at the clock, with just a Give Way junction to turn left. However, pedestrians would still need to cross at the clock, and it would make the bus lane at the gyratory only used by route 18 buses. All told, keep the 260 and 266 on the High Street, to turn right at the clock.

  2. The NORTHBOUND 18, 260 and 266 buses could also use that closed-off High Street, north of the clock.

    There could be a bus lane at the clock, to keep out other traffic (except bikes).

    It would be nice to have buses in BOTH directions using that bit of road - the real centre of town!

    For the northbound 260 and 266 buses especially, that route would be a lot shorter than going north on the two-way Manor Park Road, and then using the gyratory.

  3. On the suggested plan, there is only a single lane at the Manor Park Road - Park Parade - High Street traffic lights, for traffic going straight on south towards Paddington, and turning left into Park Parade.

    At the moment there are TWO lanes - so if the Park Parade jams up, traffic can still go straight on. Thast won't be true any longer!

    A suggestion: Why not BAN that left turn from Manor Park Road into Park Parade? That leaves less congestion at the traffic lights, and Park Parade traffic will soon learn to go another way.

  4. New one way system D has the best gyratory, as there would no extra traffic past the houses in Manor Park Road.

    However the High Street south of the gyratory should have a bus lane "up" PLUS a bas lane "down", with other traffic banned.

    However this ban could allow deliveries and loading from 7p.m. through to 8a.m. for example.

    This would allow most bus routes to run up and down the "High Street" from the library to the clock, so all the buses would serve the main shopping area.

    This would allow easier access to the shops for all shoppers, especially as there would be room for an extra bus stop each way in the "fat part".

    If part of Park Parade is made one way, then this would avoid the traffic jams there at present.


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