23 Dec 2010: Pocket Park is eaten (real one is now open)

11 Dec 2010: Mayor to open regenerated Tubbs Road Pocket Park

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The Overview and Scrutiny Committee agrees with Councillor Powney and local residents that the council should see if measures can be taken to reduce traffic congestion in Tubbs Road, but also appreciates there is not a straightforward solution to the traffic problems in the area.

Tubbs Road and Nightingale Road are residential roads. However, they form an integral part of the road network in the Harlesden area. A high proportion of through vehicles will be making daily workday journeys where the drivers know the local road network well.

Initial investigations indicate that the introduction of banned turns will not prevent high volumes of traffic using Tubbs Road and Nightingale Road and will add new traffic management issues to other locations. The option of a road closure will cause unacceptable congestion levels to Harlesden town centre.

The indications are that banned turns or a road closure are not viable options – although the work of the Harlesden ABS project could result in a suitable alternative solutions as part of a wider package.

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