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Discussion around Brent Council 'Public Realm' document (revised)

Harlesden Town Team 2010

 Second February 2011 update: 
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 Harlesden Town Centre:

Public Realm Scheme Design

(This item is originally from November 2010.)

Dear Team member, 

Brent Council and Transport for London would like as many members as possible to give feedback on the "Public Realm Scheme Design".

February 2011:

Below are reminders of the three options listed by Brent Council last November.

(Click on these three images to enlarge them, and usually a second time for full size). They also appear in the full, original document from November (which also includes discussion about parking) which is further down below.

What do you think of these three options? See how to leave a comment below.

A fourth option has been developed, which involves a SMALLER gyratory in the centre of Harlesden, using Crown Hill Road and Tavistock Road.
To see a description of that, click HERE.

November 2010:

If you were present at the meeting on 4 October 2010, you will have seen the presentation delivered by Mr. Jared Plumridge (Senior Engineer, Transportation).

The Public Realm Scheme incorporates many projects detailed within Harlesden Town Team 2010 Pillars One, Three and Four.

Please look at the document below, which covers:
  • traffic flow, parking and loading within the town centre: Brent Council has shown three options (A, B and C)
  • the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) boundaries
  • Station Road Approach: Fast Track Programme
  • traffic, parking and loading within the town centre.
Please send your thoughts, ideas, comments and solutions to the Advisory Team, by Monday 22 November 2010.

On Saturday 27 November, we will have a team of 15 to 20 members looking at the Public Realm Scheme Design in detail (one-and-a-half-hours in each session).

If you wish to be part of that team, please book your place in advance.

The Pillar workshops will look at this document also, but only the part that falls into that Pillar.

Click above for Brent Council document

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