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There is also an extract from the Mayor's adopted 'Park Royal Planning Framework' here.

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17 March 2011: 
Letter to Network Rail

On behalf of The Harlesden Town Team, To whom it may concern

Station Approach - Gateway to Harlesden Town

Building on the Harlesden Town Charter the Harlesden Town Team, in cooperation with the London Borough of Brent, has provisionally secured £300,000 in funding from Transport for London for the regeneration of the public realm along Station Road, one of the gateways to Harlesden. This improvement is the first step in a programme of redevelopment for the town, based specifically around the public realm. Once implemented, the redevelopment of Station Road will draw dramatic attention to the poor state of Station Approach if conditions remain as they are.

We have consulted our residents and they have asked that we seek to work with you to develop and improve the areas around Willesden Junction Station that we believe to be your area of responsibility.

Our concerns fall into four key areas:
  1. Pedestrian access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach
  2. Cycle access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach
  3. Vehicle access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach
  4. Pedestrian access to Willesden Junction Station via the footpath from Harrow Road.

1)  Pedestrian access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach

Pedestrian access is restricted to two narrow and frequently flooded footpaths that are further narrowed by the use of pedestrian guard rails, sign posts and lighting columns. This street furniture and footpath are not fit for purpose. Due to the lack of sufficient space and large, deep puddles, pedestrians are often forced to walk in the road, in spite of frequent bus and car traffic.

Station Approach is very poorly lit, and this raises further concerns regarding road and footway safety, as well as the health and safety of the local community.

In addition, the excessive amount of litter on the ground is unsightly and, when combined with wet conditions, can create further trip and slip hazards.

2)  Cycle access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach

Over the last decade, the road surface of Station Approach has seriously deteriorated. The block- paved surface has eroded to reveal an earlier more unstable surface. This surface in itself is eroding more quickly than the block paving, causing large pools to form during rainfall. The design of the granite set speed cushions is grossly unsafe for cyclists to ride over, as the sets are spaced at a distance that can cause some cycle tyres to get stuck. Considering these conditions, cycle access to the station can only be judged to be extremely dangerous. Provision of secure cycle parking is insufficient.
3)  Vehicle access to Willesden Junction Station via Station Approach

The road surface and problems described above can cause drivers to swerve abruptly. Considering the nature of the traffic and large numbers of the public using this thoroughfare, there is an increasing risk of serious injury to users.

4)  Pedestrian access to Willesden Junction Station via the footpath linking with Harrow Road

The Harrow Road entrance to the station is used by a large number of residents approaching the station from the Furness Road and Kensal Green areas. In our recent polling, concerns have also been  raised been raised about this access route to Willesden Junction Station.

Concerns raised focus on:
  • perceived lack of safety due to the bend in the path, which results in a lack of visibility of the path
  • restricted or impossible access down the steep steps, for those using wheelchairs, cycles and pushchairs
  • the lack of information at Harrow Road, regarding line and train status
  • unacceptable numbers of vermin
  • unacceptable amounts of litter
  • overgrown vegetation.

Recommendations for Station Approach

We would like to work in partnership with yourselves and others, to create a significantly improved environment for our community, and complement the improvements which have already been made to the station itself.

In order to promote continuity for pedestrians and all other street users, we are recommending that the same materials should be used throughout the Town Centre, along Station Road and also along Station Approach. This would have clear benefits for the nature of the public realm environment, connectivity and also offers the opportunity to purchase materials at reduced cost, due to discounts that are commonly offered by product suppliers for larger quantity orders.

Harlesden Town Team recommends the following improvements:
  • Remove the pedestrian guard rail
  • Repair the road surface and footpath
  • Increase the width of the northern footpath
  • Provide a side road entry treatment across Station Approach where it meets Station Road
  • Improve the lighting (white light, in line with current best practice)
  • Relocate the pedestrian crossing between the station entrance and the bus stops to the pedestrian desire line
  • Provide real-time passenger bus information at the bus stops
  • Replace the bus shelter to improve weather protection
  • Install taxi free-phones within the station.
Increased cycle use is a major focus for Transport for London in 2011, and the station is therefore underperforming in this area. In view of this, we recommend that the level of provision of cycle stands is enhanced.

Another option for improving the access conditions to Willesden Junction Station would be the introduction of a shared space scheme on Station Approach. This would alter the public realm and traffic management in this location significantly, and deserves careful consideration.
Recommendations for the Harrow Road entrance

With regard to footpath safety we recommend the following measures:
  • Improve the visibility along the path through enhanced lighting levels (white light, in accordance with current best practice), installation of mirrors at the bend in the path or the installation of CCTV cameras, linked to monitors visible to the public at both ends of the path
  • Install real-time passenger information at the Harrow Road bridge.
We would also like you to consider measures to enable wheelchair access between Harrow Road and the station.

Minutes of the Willesden Junction Station workshop, 7 February 2011

Leroy Simpson (chaired) and David Warren (flipchart)

The team members were asked to close their eyes for 2 minutes and imagine Willesden Junction as you are walking around it. “What do you see?”

We went around the room and the members gave there following remarks.
  • Station Approach is flooded, got to walk in the road (right-hand side)
  • Two passengers walking towards me, rails in the way. Can’t get past them, so had to go into the road
  • Looking down at the road surface, there are bricks missing, broken and uneven
  • The advertising board at the entrance on the right is in a shabby state
  • There are bags of rubbish at the bus shop
  • The back of the advertising board is an eye-sore
  • The signage is very poor
  • The Harrow Road pathway is not accessible, and very narrow
  • The lighting is very poorly thought out at the station and along the pathways
  • I've never seen local police or transport police patrolling the Harrow Road exit
  • There is nowhere secure for bikes at the Harrow Road entrance
  • No signs or train information is available at the Harrow Road entrance
  • There is lack of access for wheelchair users and cycle users [at Harrow Road?]
  • Company vehicles are always parked in the bays, so passengers can’t drop people off.
  • The bus stop and shelter are in a poor condition, and don’t protect passengers from the weather; also, there is no information displayed and no departure indicator board
  • It’s not always safe or easy to cross the road to catch a bus in peak hours
  • There are a lot of blind spots on the Harrow Road pathway.

We then looked at what actions or recommendations could we put forward to Network Rail and Transport for London. The team decided to start the core of the letter. The chairman will form a small group (2 or 3 members) to come up with the first draft for the next meeting and to get some photos taken to support the letter.

After lots of discussion we decided we couldn’t put all the issues and concerns into one letter, but we would put in the top six or so.

Willesden Junction Station:
The 'Station Approach' Fast Track Programme

As set out the Harlesden Town Team Charter (Pillars One, Three and Four) Brent Council and Transport for London will work in partnership to improve the Station Approach.

Stage One will be to look at:
  • Street Furniture
  • Paving
  • De-cluttering
  • Tree Planting
  • Work on a Feasibility Plan.

Discussion of Willesden Junction Station continues here, where you can also leave your comments.

There is also an extract from the Mayor's adopted 'Park Royal Planning Framework' here.

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