Note: The main effort on the Public/Urban Realm Scheme is going into Station Road, and details are shown in the documents below (most recent first).

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June 2011 Consultation

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Harlesden Urban Realm Scheme: 
'Making a Choice'

Brent Council has been working with the Harlesden Town Team 2010 on ideas to improve the streets around Harlesden. The key decisions that need to be made are what paving slabs and street furniture will be used throughout Harlesden.

  • Two types of paving slabs have been shortlisted; both are available in either grey or buff. Photographs and information about these slabs are shown below.
  • Two styles of street furniture have been shortlisted, 'Heritage' or a 'Heritage/Contemporary Mix'. Illustrations showing the two styles are also shown below. Once the style of street furniture has been decided, the individual items of street furniture that will be used in the area will be considered.

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Choose 1 - Conservation Grey, or 2 - Conservation Buff, 
or see below for two more choices...

Choose 3 - Stonemaster Grey, or 4 - Stonemaster Buff,
so you have chosen 1 or 2 or 3 or 4!

Choose A - Heritage Style, or see below...
... or B - Heritage/Contemporary Mix

Please send your feedback (your name/nickname/postcode, plus one number and the wording and one letter and the wording) to: teamharlesden@yahoo.co.uk

Station Road Urban Realm Scheme
Aims and Consultation

The main aim of the scheme is to improve pedestrian accessibility along Station Road, and make an attractive public space.

The proposed improvements are to:
  • Widen the footways to provide more footway space for pedestrians. The footway widening is mostly concentrated on the eastern footway, as generally more people walk up this side of the road.
  • Lay new paving slabs along the length of the road.
  • Replace the raised entry treatments at Ranelagh Road and Caple Road and provide a new raised entry treatment on Harley Road.
  • Provide a zebra crossing across Station Road, just to the north of Ranelagh Road near to the entrance to the sorting office.
  • Close Honeywood Road at its junction with Station Road. This will allow the footway to be continued across the junction. The area would be designated as “shared use” which will permit cyclists to ride over this area. Emergency service access would also be allowed. The gated closure further up Honeywood Road would be removed.
  • Plant new trees along the length of the road.
  • Review and minimise the street furniture along the road, and renew any essential items.
  • Provide new cycle stands, rubbish bins and seating at key points along the road
  • Raise the “loading bay” outside of Amber Grill to footway level to increase footway space when a vehicle is not parked in the bay
  • Remove the “loading bay” currently outside of 49-53 Station Road, remove the 11m long “shared use bay” outside of 19-21 Station Road, convert the “motorcycle bay” outside of 33-35 Station Road to “shared use” and relocate the “loading bay” currently outside of 28-30 Station Road to outside of 24/24a.
  • Improve the lighting along the road by installing “white” lighting which gives better colour rendering (aids Police identification), helps to reduce the 'fear of crime', encourages and aids mobility of pedestrians during the cover of darkness, and improves the night-time street scene.
A public consultation document on the proposed scheme will be sent out to residents during April/May 2011. Please send any feedback to: teamharlesden@yahoo.co.uk

If you would like further information, please contact:
 Jared Plumridge or Paul Smith from Brent Council on 020 8937 5143, or
 Leroy Simpson, Chairman of Harlesden Town Team 2010 on 07884 043281

Comments already received

Below is a list of comments and suggestions that were received on the initial proposal for Station Road, during the design workshop at the Harlesden Town Team meeting on 7 February 2011, along with the actions that have been taken in response.
  • Comment: A suggestion was made that it may be more beneficial to only widen the eastern side of Station Road, as it is felt that more people walk up this side of the road, as the train station is on this side.
    Response: The vast majority of the footway widening is now concentrated on the eastern side of the road.
  • A pedestrian crossing across Station Road near to the sorting office was requested.
    A zebra crossing is now proposed across Station Road, near to the sorting office.
  • Questions were asked regarding the placement and type of cycle stands.
    The design drawing now shows the proposed locations for cycle stands. The type of cycle stands that will be used throughout Harlesden will be considered as part of the overall public realm.
  • Questions were asked regarding the placement and type of rubbish bins.
    The design drawing now shows the proposed locations for rubbish bins. The type of bin that will be used throughout Harlesden will be considered as part of the overall public realm.
  • A suggestion was made that bins for the disposal of chewing gum and cigarette butts are provided.
    The use of these bins along Station Road, and throughout Harlesden, will be considered as part of the overall public realm.
  • A request was made that the recycling bins outside of the sorting office are either replaced with nicer looking bins, or masked somehow, as the existing bins are felt to be unsightly.
    The possibility of replacing or masking the bins is currently being investigated.
  • The issue of motorcycles/mopeds being parked on, and obstructing, the footway outside of Sabor Mineiro Cafe (at the junction of Station Road/Tubbs Road) was raised.
    This will be passed to the Council’s Parking Enforcement service, with a request that regular footway parking enforcement take place.
  • A query was raised regarding what will happen to the City Challenge (red and gold coloured) street furniture that is in place to the south of Tubbs Road.
    All City Challenge street furniture to the south of Tubbs Road (and all other areas outside the main Harlesden scheme area) will be reviewed, and either removed or replaced to match the new style of street furniture.
  • Concern was expressed about providing seating along the road, and the potential anti-social behaviour that any seating may bring.
    Seating is proposed to be installed on the new footway area at the bottom of Honeywood Road, and on the large area of footway at the top of Harley Road.
  • Concern was expressed that narrowing the carriageway would make the road more dangerous for cyclists.
    It is proposed to provide a 4.2m-wide [road] lane on the northbound section of Station Road, from Ranelagh Road up towards Acton Lane. This section of the road is uphill, and as such, cyclists may struggle to “take the lane” - a 4.2m-wide lane allows a car to pass a cyclist. Along the rest of Station Road, 3.0m wide lanes are proposed, as the road is either downhill or more or less level, and as such cyclists will be able to either keep up with traffic, or “take the lane” if necessary.
  • Concern was expressed that moving the existing gated closure on Honeywood Road to its junction with Station Road will force any vehicles wishing to access the ally to use Ranelagh Road/rear of the Amber Grill, and that the road may not be suitable to take larger vehicles due to the narrowness of the road, especially around the bends.
    The maximum size of vehicle that can physically access the ally/rear of the Amber Grill will be able to use Ranelagh Road for access. Vehicle manoeuvres have been simulated.
  • A request was made to keep the 8 block paving “clock towers” that are currently in-laid in the footways along Station Road.
    The block paving “clock towers” are proposed to be removed, as they are generally in a poor state of repair, and it is felt that keeping them will detract from the improved streetscape.

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