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[Reposted] Clean Power Properties Ltd - Tax-haven company's proposed Birmingham incinerator is further from housing than in Ealing, and has main road (M6!) access

Washwood Heath, Birmingham site:

Somewhat distorted distance to housing
- other parts of site are closer than 400m,
although not dramatically so.

Link above for tax-haven web site.

Willesden Junction site:

Gross distortion of distances to Ealing housing,
since the 350m distance is to the far end of site!

Brent distance is not so distorted - just small!

Link to the tax haven

Washwood Heath, Birmingham site:
  • Ex-industrial site – suits highly mechanised ‘high tech’ industrial process. 
  • Site distant from residential properties – deliveries will not disturb neighbours. 
  • Site is buffered from residential centres – the new plant is not visible from homes, with existing industrial buildings between them and the new site. 
  • Site well connected to national and local highway network. 
  • Site adjacent to rail lines – future uses of rail network available to service site. 
  • Site is visible to the public in passing – plant will be an elegant industrial building. Building can enhance local sense of renewed industrial activity. Public interest in Washwood Heath is welcomed. The building will have an education facility where the processes can be viewed. 
  • The site is Brownfield, and the land will be brought into productive use. 
  • Site has the scope to provide local district heating – future development in the area can take advantage of a plentiful supply of heat. In industrial terms, this can be used for heating or cooling, and may help to attract new uses to redundant sites.

Washwood Heath, Birmingham site:

Cross-section to housing on either side
(split into two, to magnify image)

Willesden Junction site:

Two cross-sections at right-angles
(roughly same scale as B'ham; widths of sites are similar).

Willesden is dramatically closer to housing,
and access road is through the Ealing housing!

(There's no attempt to quantify distances to Travellers' site,
or to the Wesley Estate on North Acton Road.)   

"Clean Power Properties is owned and fully funded by Mountgrange Real Estate Opportunity Fund (“MoREOF”).
"MoREOF has committed capital of circa £300 million drawn from investors around the world including endowments, pension funds, family offices, fund of funds and high net worth individuals.

"To date the Fund has completed 11 transactions across the UK including offices, industrial estates, retail and residential, primarily located in the South of England. The Fund has invested in platform businesses in the low cost hotel sector under the Tune brand in London and in mezzanine loans to residential developers in London and the South-East; the Fund has also invested in strategic land for residential and for renewable energy. In addition to Clean Power Properties, the Fund also owns a 55-acre site just outside of Peterborough with planning permission for a 79MW Energy from Waste plant.

"Mountgrange Investment Management LLP ('Mountgrange') is the adviser to MoREOF.

"Mountgrange is a private real estate fund management business specialising in UK commercial property investment, development and asset management. Mountgrange seeks to identify undervalued opportunities across a number of property sectors and to maximise returns by applying its investment and asset management expertise. The firm is led by seasoned real estate investment professionals with long established UK market expertise spanning multiple cycles and across various property types.
"For further details about Mountgrange please visit"

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