Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Brent & Kilburn Times: "Brent group to meet with London’s new cycling commissioner in bid to transform the borough"

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"London’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan will be meeting with community group Brent Cyclists as he looks to decide which boroughs will benefit from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s pledge to invest £900m in cycling.

"Previously the Times reported that Brent Cyclists, which has around 200 members, had outlined a detailed report into why Brent should benefit and be transformed into a ‘mini-Holland’.

"The report includes suggestions on transforming traffic hotspots with cycle lanes and building a connection between Neasden and Wembley, currently obstructed by the railway line and North Circular Road.

"... The group will meet with Mr Gilligan at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood Broadway [in BARNET!], next Wednesday, at 7pm.

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  1. The meeting about benefits cuts was pointless in my view,(24.4.13) All the organisation are heavily connected to brent council or The Lodge as I and others in the know refer to the council.dispite their claim of being independent and operate as charities,it simply is not true.The CAB in brent will only take on the cases brent tells them to,also Brent Private Tenants Rights group was represented by jacky Peacock who chose not to say that she is an executive on brent housing.This all means that if a person has a genuine case against the council that person will receive no help from these two organisation as they are funded by brent and take orders from brent.The woman from the Job centre spoke utter nonsense she spoke about statitics and training and nothing about what is being done to bring large/medium employers to brent to provide employment for all!!.John Doocey from cricklewood homeless concern stupidly in my opinion said that it was up to us to find our own solution to the cuts and that the answer lay with the public and not with the panel! How sir could that be when you the panalist are in position to know the true nature of the cuts and you all will know that we are the last to know and the least able to have a voice.Where were you all during the process of it all where were the outcry!!.Jacky Peacock hit the nail on the head when she said that these cuts were not like the poll tax because these cuts do not effect all social class from the rich to the poor,it only effects the poor so the rich will not protest as the cuts does not effect them and we the poor and hopeless are on our own.All of the panelist sat smugly and pissed on us from a great height!!


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