Saturday, 3 August 2013

Harlesden: New street-scene

How long are the works programmed to last?
The works commenced in May 2013 and are programmed to last 18 months.
Where will I be able to park if parking bays outside my house are suspended?
You will still be able to park anywhere within your Controlled Parking Zone, some dispensations may be made to park in neighbouring zone. Prior to any suspensions you will receive a letter detailing when the suspension will be in place and where you will be able to park.
Who can park in a shared bay?
A 'shared' parking bay consists of permit holder and pay & display parking bays. To park in these bays you must either display a valid permit holder ticket or a valid pay & display ticket. It is also possible to park in pay & display bay if you have purchase time to do so via the telephone as indicated on the machines. If you have done this your registration number will recorded and reported to the enforcement officers so you will not get a ticket.
Who can park in a permit holder only bay?
A permit holder ticket consists of a residents permit, a business permit or a visitors' permit purchased from the Council. Temporary essential user permits can also be obtained if you are doing some building work or similar in the area.
Who can park in a loading bay?
You can stop within a loading bay for the time period specified on the signs on site for the purpose of continuously unloading/loading goods.

Goods would consist of something like a television, picking up/dropping of multiple boxes/bags associated with a large order. Goods are not considered to be something like a newspaper, or a couple of bottles of shampoo (or similar) from somewhere like Superdrug.

You can briefly stop within a loading bay to drop of a person as you would on a double yellow line. However this does not constitute a loading activity as a person is not classed as goods.
Can you enter the semi pedestrianised section of the High Street to drop a person off?
No, not without prior consent from the Council.

The Council may give permission for someone transporting a person with disabilities to enter the semi pedestrianised area of the High Street for the purposes of dropping off only. This agreement will have to be made in advance and will be linked to the number plate of the vehicle concerned.
Can Brent Community Transport vehicles enter the semi pedestrianised section of the High Street?
Yes, Brent Community Transport vehicles displaying their logo have been given permission to enter the High Street to drop of people with mobility issues and other disabilities.
Why are you removing permit holder parking in Craven Park Road/High Street?
Between the hours of 8am and 6:30pm we are aiming to dedicate parking to shoppers. Currently there is a significant level of long term parking during the day, by removing this it facilitates a greater turnover of vehicles, meaning more shoppers will be able to park during the day for short periods.
Where will the new bus stops be located?
View the location of the new bus stops and routes [on information sheets].
When will the traffic be re-routed to the new system?
Subject to approval from TfL the re-routing of the traffic flow will be undertaken once work commences on the semi pedestrianised section of the High Street. It is anticipated that this will be in July 2014 however this may be subject to change. Advanced notification will be provided to all residents and businesses in the area.

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