Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brent & Kilburn Times: "£405k for one-bed flat in Willesden Green development is out of reach for most Brent residents"

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"A one-bedroom flat in the revamped Willesden Library Cultural Centre has gone on sale for £405,000 – putting it out of reach for many Brent residents.

"... The 95 flats have been already been sold by Linden Homes, associated with Galliford Try, to an investor who is marketing the properties in Asia.

"The heavy price tag does not include service charges and parking fees.

"According to Brent Council the average annual salary for a resident in the borough is £31,000."

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  1. right.
    and I suppose The Type of Housing That will be in reach for poor people are the type that are Havens of Torment for several reasons.
    1.The Sound Proofing Material Will Almost certainly be inadequate as per normal which ensures that people that move in will inevitably
    get on each others nerves
    as they move around and the noise will be easily heard which for many people becomes a cause for torment and frustration, tension,and arguments.
    all because the council always fail to insist that all so affordable housing is built with adequate sound proofing material
    so that finally people will be able to live above and below and alongside each other in peace.
    but I think that the saying pigs will fly first comes to my mind in this case
    because I just know that Brent council will continue to let the people down and continue giving them poor quality housing
    and continue taking huge amounts away in taxes and rent and give little in return.
    that is the nature of Brent Council no matter how much they try to mislead people.


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