Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LB of Brent: "Harlesden Town Centre Transformation"

"As part of the £4.5 million regeneration of Harlesden Town Centre delivered by Brent Council, TfL and the Harlesden Town Team to create a better shopping environment in the town centre, a new road layout and changes to the parking systems are being introduced in October.

"Work to switch the traffic flow will start from 9pm on Wednesday 15 October, with the new two way traffic on High Street Harlesden and Manor Park Road being operational from 7am Thursday 16 October.  This will allow for the completion of works on the semi pedestrianised zone of the High Street, a key aspect of the scheme.

"The regeneration scheme also involves changes to the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) boundaries and parking bays which will come into force on 19 October.  Parking in the town centre will become dedicated pay and display and for loading only from this date, freeing up space for shoppers and better serving businesses.

"Once the regeneration is completed in early 2015, cafés will be able to use the wider streets and farmers and specialised markets will be encouraged to come to Harlesden, resulting in increased variety and a more vibrant town.

"Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said:
"We are nearing the finish line with the introduction of the new traffic flow and the parking changes in Harlesden Town Centre

Next year will see the transformation complete and I very much look forward to seeing the local economy improve as a direct result of the regeneration.  It is going to be a very vibrant shopping destination with cafes and markets being able to make use the new wider pavements."
"Leroy Simpson, Chairperson of the Harlesden Town Team said:
"The team has spent over four years in consultation with local residents and businesses and we are at the end of this part of the project.  I personally am looking forward to all the benefits to the Harlesden community."

Additional information
Permit holders will be receiving information from Brent Council about the CPZ changes.  Temporary signage is being installed to direct motorists during the work to switch the traffic flow and complete the new road layout.

After 6 weeks (from 16 October), the semi-pedestrianised zone will be open for buses (at any time) and for deliveries (between the hours of 4pm and 10pm only).

Harlesden Town Centre is at the centre of a diverse community, but over the years it has suffered increasingly from motor traffic domination, indiscriminate parking, inadequate pedestrian facilities, and declining areas of public space.  The Council have been working closely with the Harlesden Town Team, a local community group established in 2010 to help promote positive change in Harlesden.  This led to the publication of the 'Harlesden Town Charter - A Vision for Harlesden', which sets out the community's aspirations for improving Harlesden over the next 10 to 15 years.  The circa £4.5 million Harlesden Town Centre improvements were developed in collaboration with the Town Team, as well as Transport for London, (TfL), London Buses and other key stakeholders.

The scheme was developed to provide a high quality public realm and semi-pedestrianised area between the Jubilee Clock and Tavistock Road, improved pedestrian facilities, countdown signal controls with high quality paving and road surfaces on carriageways, new traffic flow system and wider pavements.

In March 2012, following an extensive consultation with residents, businesses and other interested parties, the Highways Committee approved the scheme.

The scheme was consulted on again in May 2013, and in August/September this year (2014).

For more information visit www.brent.gov.uk/harlesdentown, email Harlesden.towncentr@brent.gov .uk or call 020 8937 5296 / 5181.
For any enquiries about the works or traffic switchover, call 020 8937 5104.
For any media enquiries contact Jodi Smith, Media Officer, Brent Council, 0208 937 2280 / Jodi.smith@brent.gov.uk

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