Saturday, 29 November 2014

Blog on the Block: "Harlesden Gentrification"

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"Harlesden gentrification was a topic discussed on the BBC London drivetime show with Eddie Nestor on 25 November.

"What is gentrification? Is it a good or bad thing? How has your local high street changed? Do you prefer to park in front of your local shop or do you prefer to walk? Find out more by reading the full transcript of the discussion:

"Eddie Nestor: 'Looking at how London has changed or in some parts of London, is actually changing. Today we’re looking at how regeneration . . . we're looking at gentrification, so far as shopping centres, the centre of town, how difficult it makes it for shops to carry on their business. Local shop owners in Harlesden tell us how it's affecting their business'."

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