Monday, 20 April 2015

The Harlesden Bypass: The latest version

Comments submitted to Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation:

"... Willesden Junction needs a ticket hall on the A404 High Street Harlesden, and the 'high-level' platforms resited to that straighter section of track."


"... East-west links will no longer be poor with a Harlesden Bypass.

"But will this just absorb the low-level of vehicle traffic generated at Old Oak and Park Royal, or displace other existing traffic from the A404 Harrow Road, and thus be continually congested?

"That is for you, the Development Corporation, to research, and avoid.

"One reason a north-bound motorist might stay on the A404 would be the less-than-straightforward connection at the North Circular Road, to continue on the A404 towards Wembley. But the Harlesden Bypass might be an attractive route for northbound motorists joining the A406 North Circular Road, for either direction."

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