Friday, 11 September 2015

Suggested Town Team policies on transport issues


It is suggested that Harlesden Town Team should have some overall policies regarding the huge Old Oak Common development, south of Willesden Junction Station.

The PDF file above illustrates some possible transport policies. Take a look at the five pages.

Please send the Town Team any comments.

We expect to agree the transport policy at an HTT meeting.

Referring to each of the five pages in turn, the policy might be:
    (Page 1)
The Town Team welcomes development at the Old Oak Common area, but wants walking, cycling and the use of public transport to be paramount, and wants to discourage extra use of the private car

    (Page 2)
The Town Team welcomes the aspiration of Boris the Mayor for a new London Overground service from Old Oak Common across Brent, via Harlesden and Neasden stations

    (Page 3)
This map roughly shows the area of the 'Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation', which has taken over the planning of the area from the three boroughs of Brent, Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham

    (Page 4)
The new High Speed 2 and Crossrail station will serve as many passengers as Waterloo station. Old Oak Common may also generate 24,000 homes and 55,000 jobs. This map shows our suggestion for a 'Harlesden Bypass'. That will avoid all the extra traffic falling on the existing A404 Harrow Road / Harlesden High Street through Harlesden. We would try and divert all heavy lorries on to the bypass, instead of passing through Harlesden.

    (Page 5)
This map summarises all railway links in the area - existing, agreed, and speculative. The Town Town would lobby for the maximum investment in railway links like these, as well as for cycle routes and new and enhanced bus services.


Harlesden Town Team has found out that there may be improvements to Willesden Junction station, due to the Old Oak Common development.

Please consider what sort of changes you would like to see there, and tell the Town Team.

In particular though, we would like to suggest the following:
(1) The 'high-level' platforms should be moved, so that a new booking office can be opened on the Harlesden High Street road bridge (part of the A404 Harrow Road).

It would still be easy to get between those platforms and the existing 'low-level' platforms, for the Bakerloo Line and Euston-Watford Junction trains.

The horrible steep steps from Harlesden High Street and the long footpath to the station would be removed.

Instead, there would be wide covered steps, and a lift, directly from the booking office to the 'high-level' platforms.

(2) A wide and well-lit footpath over the main line tracks has been mentioned, from the Old Oak Common area. We want that path extended. It should connect to both Station Approach off Station Road, and to Harlesden High Street, next to the new booking office.

We don't want to allow road traffic over that bridge from Old Oak Common.

(3) The Town Team would support a new road across the station land. It would join up Station Approach and Harlesden High Street, and would reduce traffic on Tubbs Road and Nightingale Road. However, it might have to be limited to buses and cycles, to stop it being overwhelmed by traffic avoiding the centre of Harlesden.
Please give any comments on this subject to the Town Team.

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